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Diablo Numismatic Society
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Coin Associations, Clubs, and Societies
Alamo Coin Club - San Antonio, Texas, since 1960. Facebook Page
Albuquerque Coin Club - Meets on the last Monday of each month except December
Alexandria Coin Club - Virginia club always meets on the Third Wednesday of each month
American Israel Numismatic Association - Non-sectarian cultural and educational organization dedicated to the study and collection of Israel's coinage, past and present, and all aspects of Judaic numismatics.
American Medallic Sculpture Association - Encourage the creation and study of medallic sculpture in North America
American Numismatic Association - Nonprofit educational organization dedicated to educating and encouraging people to study and collect money and related items.
American Numismatic Society - Advancing the study and appreciation of coins, medals and related objects of all cultures as historical and artistic documents.
American Society of Check Collectors - Non-profit organization of collectors of checks and other financial documents.
American Society of Military Insignia Collectors - Oldest and largest organization of collectors of military insignia in the world.
American Tax Token Society - The purpose of ATTS is to gather and disseminate information about sales tax tokens, scrip, cards, stamps, and related material.
American Vecturist Association - Transporatation tokens. Founded in 1948, the AVA is the oldest American organization of token collectors.
Ames Coin Club - Central Iowas since 1961.
Anchorage Coin Club - Founded in 1988, to promote Numismatics in Alaska.
Ancient Coin Club of Chicago - Group of people with special interests in the numismatics of ancient coinage
Ancient Coin Club of Los Angeles - Established in 1966 to advance the knowledge and study of ancient numismatics, ancient coins, and their history.
Ancient Coin Collectors Guild - Non-profit organization committed to promoting the free and independent collecting of coins from antiquity.
Ancient Numismatic Society of Washington, DC - Iinformal group of individuals interested primarily in ancient Greek and Roman coins with some interest through the end of the Byzantine period and medieval European coinage
Anderson Area Coin Club - South Carolina
Armenian Numismatic and Antiquities Society - The goal of ANAS is to unite Armenians worldwide in their quest for knowledge about Armenian coins and related items and to provide a forum for them to share their collections, post items for sale, and exchange ideas.
Armenian Numismatic Research Organization - Created in order to modernize the needs for collectors, scholars, historians, interested in Armenian numismatics and history.
Armenian Numismatic Society - An educational, non-profit organization, is the only active body in the world concerned with Armenian numismatics, since 1971
Asociacion Numismatica Espanola - The Spanish Numismatic Association is a scientific and cultural society who promotes numismatics.
Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta - Promoting the science and history of numismatics, since 1964.
Atlantic City Casino Collectibles Club - Meetings are held at Ballys Park Place in Atlantic City.
Atlantic County Numismatic Society - The coin club of record in Atlantic County, New Jersey that meets on the first Wednesday of the month in Linwood.
Augusta Coin Club - Not-for-profit numismatic club located in scenic Augusta, Georgia, dedicated to disseminating knowledge about coin collecting.
Numismatic Association of Australia - Acts as a united voice for all the major State numismatic organizations in Australia and has close ties with the Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand and those Australian public institutions with numismatic collections
The Australian Numismatic Society - Sydney Branch meets on the 2nd Monday of the month
Barber Coin Collectors Society - Group of coin collectors interested in the coins designed by Charles E. Barber, Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint from 1880 to 1917.
Bellaire Coin Club - Non-profit organization in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area which provides a forum to learn about rare coins and currency
Bel Mar Coin Club - Harford County, Maryland
Bend Coin Club of Central Oregon - The BCCOCO was founded in 2008, and welcomes all numismatists.
Beverly Hills Coin Club - Operates a monthly mail-bid auction for all of its members for private, secure transactions that insure the buyer's and seller's confidentiality.
Bexley Coin Club UK - Offers collectors of all ages and interests the chance to meet with others in an informal and relaxed atmosphere!
Birmingham Numismatic Society - Covering coins modern and ancient, tokens, commemorative medals, banknotes and just about anything else associated.
Blackstone Valley Coin and Collectibles Club - Facebook page.
Blue Ridge Numismatic Association - Regional Coin Club that has a goal of looking forward and working toward the future in numismatic.
Bluegrass Coin Club - Meets second Monday of each month in Lexington, Kentucjy
Boeing Employees Coin Club - One of the most active coin clubs in the Pacific Northwest region
Bowie Coin Club - Meetings are usually the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Kenhill Center
Brandon Coin Club - Florida
Sociedade Numismatica Brasileira -
British Art Medal Society - Commissioned medals from many distinguished contemporary sculptors.
British Association of Numismatic Societies - National organisation which represents numismatic societies throughout the United Kingdom.
British Numismatic Trade Association - Over 70 firms throughout the British Isles, since 1973.
The Buffalo Numismatic Association - Coin club that sponsors monthly coin shows, supports youth activities and meets on a regular basis to plan shows and educational activities.
Numismatic Society Of Calcutta - Encouraging the habit of collecting and studying old coins and Bank notes.
Calgary Numismatic Society - Non-profit, educational organization registered under the Societies Act of Alberta.
California Coin & Bullion Merchants Association - Coin & precious metal dealer organization that works with elected and appointed government officials to inform them of the benefits of rare coin and precious metal ownership.
California State Numismatic Association - Promotion of numismatic study, and to bringing California's coin collecting fraternity current information and programs of interest.
Cambridge Coin Club - Maryland
Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers - Non-profit association of professional numismatists organized in 1975
Canadian Association of Token Collectors - Formed in 1972, the CATC publishes a quarterly bulletin that provides detailed information on various aspects of token collecting.
Canadian Association of Wooden Money Collectors - National organization for Collectors of Canadian Wooden Money, Tokens, and Souvenir enthusiasts.
Royal Canadian Numismatic Association - The national numismatic organization of Canada. A non-profit educational organization formed in 1950 and incorporated by Canada Charter in 1963.
Canadian Numismatic Research Society - Founded in 1963 by a group of respected Canadian numismatists who wished to stimulate public awareness and understanding of numismatics related to Canada, through the promotion of research and study, and the dissemination of knowledge
Canadian Paper Money Society - To encourage and support historical studies of banks and other paper money issuing authorities in Canada, to preserve their history and statistical records, and through research and publishing the results thereof, ensure that information, documents, and other evidence of Canada's financial development will be preserved
Canadian Tire Coupon Collectors Club - Founded in September of 1990, at the final Toronto International Coin Fair.
Capital City Coin Club - Organized in 1969.
Carson City Coin Collectors of America - Official Web site of the Carson City Coin Collectors of America. A club devoted to increasing knowledge about the Carson City Mint and its coins and promoting camaraderie among "CC" coin enthusiasts.
Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club - Detailed information on various aspects of token collecting, from early colonial, through the peak periods of merchant tokens, to modern trade dollars, and as much as possible in between
Catonsville Coin Club - Organized in 1964.
Cedar Rapids Coin Club - Non-profit, educational organization founded in 1939 for the purpose of educating people of all ages in and around Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Central Arkansas Coin Club -
Central Florida Coin Club - Non-profit organization dedicated to educating its members and the public about coins, coin collecting, and related numismatic pursuits.
Central Illinois Numismatic Association -
Central Savannah River Area Coin Club - Promote interest in numismatics, since 2001.
Central States Numismatic Society - Founded in 1939, is one of the larger numismatic organizations in the United States. Operates in a 13 state Midwestern region but membership is open to residents of all states and foreign countries.
Central Virginia Coin Club - Established 2011
Challenge Coin Association - Mission is to make the every day numismatist recognize our favorite coins as a major part of the coining industry.
Champaign-Urbana Coin & Currency Club - meets on the 1st Monday of the month at the Urbana Civic Center
Charleston Coin Club - Meets the 3rd. Tuesday of every month at the Kanawha City Community Center at 7:00pm
Charlotte Coin Club - Since 1957
Chattanooga Coin Club - Encourages and promotes interest in collecting coins, currency, tokens, medals and other numismatic items.
Chicago Coin Club - Objective of the club is to pursue numismatic knowledge through the study and research of coins, currency, medals, tokens, and other related items and the sharing of this information through monthly meetings, dialogue, and the publication of literature. (since 1919)
Chief John Ross Numismatic Society - North Georgia coin club
Chippewa Valley Coin Club - Promotes numismatics in the Chippewa Valley, Wisconsin.
Chopmarks Collectors Club - For those who collect world coins with chop marks on them.
Chula Vista Coin Club - Meets at the Bonita Library located at 4375 Bonita Road Bonita, CA 91902
Cincinnati Numismatic Association - The organization meets once a month, usually on the second Friday at 7:30 pm
Citrus County Coin Club - Homosassa, Florida
Civil War Token Society - Founded in 1967, the CWTS is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to help stimulate interest and research in the field of Civil War token collecting.
Clark County Coin Club -
Classical & Medieval Numismatic Society - Suspend operations as of December 2005
Clearwater Coin Club - Meetings held the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month
Coineers Coin Club - Tecolote Rec Center, 4675 Tecolote Canyon Rd. San Diego, California on the 3rd Thursday of the month.
Collin County Coin Club - Founded in April 1987 and chartered by the Texas Numismatic Association in August 1987
The Colonial Coin Club - Annapolis, Maryland
Colonial Coin Collectors Club - Founded in 1993 to provide a forum for collectors of numismatic material related to the Early American era
Colorado Springs Numismatic Society and Colorado Springs Coin Club - Your portal to Numismatic Sites in the Pikes Peak area.
Columbus Numismatic Society - Meets every 3rd. Wednesday of the month
Conder Tokens Collector's Club - For collectors of 18th century British tradesmen's tokens
CONECA - National numismatic organization devoted to the education of error and variety coin collectors.
Corpus Christi Coin Club - Meets every third Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m.
Crescent City Coin Club - Based in New Orleans, Louisiana
Cuban Numismatic Association - Founded in 2004 to encourage, promote and disperse Cuban numismatic knowledge, culture, education and fraternal relations among the numismatic community.
Cupertino Coin Club - Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month, 7:30 PM, at the West Valley Presbyterian Church, 6191 Bollinger Ave, Cupertino.
Currency Club of Chester County - Objectives are to encourage, promote and share numismatic knowledge, focusing on paper money. Since 1971.
Dallas Coin Club - Friendship and Knowledge through Numismatics, since 1928
Danbury Coin Club -
Daniel Boone Coin Club - Formed in 1970. The only coin club in Reading, PA. The Club meets on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays and hosts a semiannual show.
Dayton-Kettering Coin Club - 1st Thursday of the month
Denver Coin Club - Has brought together numismatic collectors for more than 70 years
Des Moines Coin Club - Meets every first Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 PM
Diablo Numismatic Society - Founded on March 4, 1960 and was incorporated on August 15, 1962. The club meets the 3rd Thursday of every month
Downtown Coin Club - Carson City, Nevada.
Eagle Rock Numismatic Society - Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Edmonton Numismatic Society - Not-for-profit organization dedicated to the needs of fellow Numismatists in our local area of Edmonton, Alberta (since 1953)
Elgin Coin Club - Facebook page
Essex Numismatic Society - Formed, as the Chelmsford & District Numismatic Society, in 1966 shortly before decimalisation and at a time when interest in coins and numismatics in general was increasing and new clubs and societies were proliferating.
Evansville Coin Club - Meets monthly at the Ohio Township Public Library in Newburgh, Indiana.
Everett Coin Club - Meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month, at Normanna Hall, Everett, Washington.
Fairbanks Coin Club - Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month.
Fairfax Coin Club - Virginia.
Fairfield (CA) Coin Club - Fourth Wednesday of each month, No Meeting in December
Finnish Numismatic Society - The association was founded in 1914 and is the oldest in its field. Members of the association has about 1600 which makes it the largest Nordic numismatic Association.
Florida Token Society - Founded in 1976. To promote and stimulate the research of Florida tokens and other exonumia
Florida United Numismatists - Non-profit organization dedicated to the education and enrichment of the numismatic hobby, especially in Florida. Since 1955.
Flying Eagle and Indian Cent Collectors Society -
Fort Collins Coin Club - 6-9pm, 1st Friday of each month (except July and December)
Fort Lauderdale Coin Club - Meets the 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month
Fort Myers Coin Club - Since 1961.
Fort Walton Beach Coin Club - North West Florida's Best Coin Club
Fort Worth Coin Club - Advocates the educational, social, recreational and investment benefits of coin collecting. Meetings First Thursdays (except December)
Fostoria Coin Club - Meeting on the third Monday of the month
Fox Valley Coin Club - No longer operating
Fremont Coin Club (California) - Meets second and fourth Tuesday each month
Fremont Coin Club (Nebraska) - Meets the 3rd Saturday of every month at the Fremont Free Evangelical Church
Fresno Numismatic Society - Meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Masonic Lodge 2992 E Clinton Ave Fresno CA. 7:00PM.
Front Range Coin Club - Meets monthly on the 2nd Thursday of each month in Longmont, Colorado.
Garden State Numismatic Association - Regional fraternity of individuals and clubs dedicated to the art and science of numismatics, since 1975.
Garfield Heights Coin Club - Founded 1948, Ohio.
Gateway Coin Club - Merced County Coin Collectors Society
Georgia Numismatic Association - Advance the science, education, and history of numismatics through the study of coins, paper money, medals, tokens, and other items related to the field of numismatics
Glendale Coin Club - Collecting club, based in Glendale, California. Since 1959
Gold Coast Coin Club - First and Third Thursday of Each Month. Based in Hollywood, Florida.
Greater Houston Coin Club - Founded in 1955 to promote the education and study of Numismatics.
Greater Jacksonville Coin Club - Founded 1947.
Greater Orange Coin Club - Founded in 1961 our coin club meets the second Thursday of the Month at 7pm. in Orange Texas.
Greater Orange County Coin Club - Meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm, 845 Park Avenue, Costa Mesa, California (Neighborhood Community Center)
Greater Port Arthur Coin Club - Established in 1960. Meets the first Thursday of each month
Greenville Coin Club - Pennsylvania
Hackettstown Coin Club - New Jersey
Harrisburg Coin Club - Formed in March of 1950. Meet monthly on the 1st Thursday, and host annual Coin Show in October
Hawaii State Numismatic Association - Founded in 1964, HSNA is dedicated to the promotion of numismatic study and to bringing Hawaii�s coin collecting community together with informative programs of interest.
Heartland Coin Club - El Cajon, California coin club that holds monthly meetings at the Bostonia Rec Center.
Hemet Coin Club - Meets every 3rd Wednesday at 12:00 PM in the community room of Provident Bank (1690 Florida Ave. Hemet CA)
Hidalgo Coin Club - Serving the numismatic community of the Rio Grande Valley and beyond. Established 1960.
Hillside Coin Club - Illinois club (Facebook page).
Honolulu Coin Club - Numismatics through Education, Harmony & Goodwill. Since 1955.
Huron Valley Numismatic Society - Holds monthly meetings, and coin shows in March and October.
Illinois Numismatic Association - Principal goals are to promote the hobby among the young, serve the membership and hold a three-day show and convention each year. SInce 1959.
Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio Token and Medal Society - Founded in September, 1978, to promote the collecting and researching of all types of exonumia.
Indiana State Numismatic Association - Statewide organization established in 1958 to promote and advance the knowledge of numismatics
Indianapolis Coin Club - Non-profit, educational organization founded in 1939 for the purpose of educating people of all ages in the greater Indianapolis community about the coins they presently own or may wish to collect.
Inland Empire Coin Club - Encourage a thriving community of numismatists and an appreciation of the study of money within the greater Spokane/Inland Empire area.
International Association of Professional Numismatists - Non-profit organisation of the leading international numismatic firms founded 1951
International Association of Silver Art Collectors - Promote awareness and trade among the community of silver art collectors, dealers and producers.
International Bank Note Society - Formed in 1961 to promote, stimulate and advance the study and knowledge of world wide bank notes and paper currencies
International Bond and Share Society - To encourage and develop all aspects of scripophily, the collection and study of historic stocks, bonds and shares.
International Numismatic Society of San Diego - holds a monthly meeting on the fourth Wednesday of each month.
Iowa Numismatic Association - Non-profit, educational organization founded in 1938
Greater Jacksonville Coin Club - Founded 1947.
Jacksonville Camp Lejeune Coin Club -
Japanese Numismatic Dealers Association -
Johnson County (Kansas) Numismatic Society - Coin club meetings held on the 3rd Thursday of the month except for the month of October at which time we hold our annual numismatic show
Kanawha Valley Coin Club - Charleston, West Virginia.
Legacy Knights Numismatic Society -
Kent Coin Club - Founded in October 1971 to serve numismatists in and around Delaware
Lafayette Numismatic Society - Non-profit, educational organization founded in 1960.
Lake County Coin Club - Meets the 1st Tuesday of the month 7:00 p.m.
Lansing Coin Club - Second Wednesday of each month (except July and August)
Legacy Knights Numismatic Society -
Liberty Coin Club - St. Paul, MN area club, since 1968.
Latin American Paper Money Society - Founded 1973.
Liberty Numismatic Society - Millbrae, California club formed in 1957 by coin, currency, and medals collectors
Liberty Seated Collectors Club - Group of collectors and dealers dedicated to the study and attribution of the silver Liberty Seated coinage of the 19th century
Lincoln Coin Club - Meets second Thursday of the month
London Numismatic Club - Encourage good fellowship among numismatists and to propagate knowledge of numismatics by arranging a common meeting place, lectures, visits of interest, and displays.
Los Angeles Paper Money Club - Meetings on the 2nd Wednesday every Month in Sherman Oaks, CA.
Louisville Coin Club -
Love Token Society - Formed 1971. Publishs a bi-monthly newsletter called the "Loveletter" to keep our members informed.
Lower Cape Fear Coin Club - Meets monthly, except July and August, on second Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m.
Madison County Coin Club - Anderson, Indiana meets third Monday of the month at 7 pm
Madison County Coin Club - Huntsville, Alabama. Founded 2001.
Magic Empire Coin Club -
Mansfield Numismatic Society - Since 1972
Marion Coin Club - Meets first Monday of each month. Founded 1958.
Medal Collectors of America - Primary purpose was to serve collectors of world and U.S. art and historical medals. Founded 1998.
Memphis Coin Club - Founded in 1936
Mesa Coin Club - 1st Wednesday of the Month
Metro East Coin & Currency Club -
Miami Valley Coin Club - Ohio
Michigan State Numismatic Society - To encourage and promote the science of numismatics
Michigan Token and Medal Society - Since 1965.
Middle Georgia Coin Club - One of the oldest coin clubs, since 1936 !
Mid-Island Coin Club - Vancouver Island, since 2001.
Midlands Coin Club of South Carolina. - Meets monthly and host two coin shows in Columbia, SC.
Milwaukee Numismatic Society - Oldest (since 1934) and largest numismatic organization in Milwaukee area devoted to the study of money.
Mississippi Numismatic Association - Facebook page
Missouri Numismatic Society - meet the fourth Wednesday of each month. Founded 1938.
Montgomery County Coin Club - Established in 1959, the Montgomery County Coin Club (Maryland) is dedicated to fostering interest in numismatics at all levels, from novice to expert, but especially among young people
Monticello Coin Club -
Mount Vernon Numismatic Society - Established in 1954.
Mountain Coin Club - Georgia
Muncie Coin & Stamp Club - Indiana
Nashua Coin Club - Serving New Hampshire Numismatists since 1960
National Silver Dollar Round Table - Dedicated to promoting United States Silver Dollars through educational, historical and scientific programs and activities.
National Token Collectors Association - A Coin Club Devoted to the Collecting of Die Doubling and You, the Collector.
National Utah Token Society - Historical Medals, Tokens, Coins, and Bottles.
New England Numismatic Association - Our mission is to encourage and develop the appreciation and understanding of numismatics and the collection of coins and medals
New York Chip Collectors Club - For collectors in the New York City, Long Island, Northern New Jersey or Southern Connecticut area.
Niagara Frontier Coin Club - New York
North Carolina Numismatic Association - Formed in the early 1960s to bring together local coin clubs and their members as well as those interested in numismatics where no local clubs were available in one centralized statewide organization
North Central Arkansas Coin Club - Meets third Wednesday of every month at 6pm
North Hills Coin Club - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
North Shore Numismatic Society - North Vancouver, British Columibia, Canada club.
Northeast Tarrant Coin Club - Meets every 2nd Thursday of the month at 7PM in Bedford Texas.
Northeastern PA Coin Clubs - Scranton, Wilkes Barre, and Wyoming Valley
Northern California Numismatic Association (NCNA) - Meets annually during the Nor-Cal Coin Show
Northside Coin Club - Serves North Denver Metro Region - Meets 1st Thurs of each month
Northwest Coin Club - Founded in 1934, the NWCC is the oldest coin club in the Minneapolis - Saint Paul area
Northwest Detroit Coin Club - Meetings 2nd and 4th Tuesday Each Month Except July and August. Founded in 1962.
Numismatic Association of Southern California - The NASC is a major force in southern California numismatics, representing some three dozen member coin clubs and several hundred individual members
Numismatic Bibliomania Society - Non-profit educational organization founded in 1980 to support and promote the use and collecting of numismatic literature.
Numismatic Literary Guild - Founded 1968.
Numismatic Society of Slovenia -
Numismatists of Wisconsin -
Ocean County Coin Club - Created in 1970 by New Jersey numismatists who wanted to share and expand their knowledge of coins.
Oceanside Carlsbad Coin Club - Established in 1957.
Ohio State Numismatic Association - Helping Ohio Coin Clubs Unite!
Oklahoma City Coin Club - Founded 1938
Oklahoma Numismatic Association -
Old Capitol Coin Club - Meets the second Tuesday of every month in Iowa City, Iowa.
Old Fort Coin Club - Serving Northeast IN and Northwest OH, since 1959
Omaha Coin Club - Meets the third Friday of each month
Ontario Numismatic Association - Incorporated in 1962 as a non-profit educational and social organization dedicated to the collector.
Orders and Medals Society of America - Current membership of more than 1,500 members with members in every state and some twenty-five foreign countries
Orders and Medals Researech Society - UK-based society with a global membership dedicated to the research and collecting of orders, decorations and medals, in memory and honour of the original recipients.
Orders and Medals Society of Denmark - Founded in 1966 with the purpose of promoting the study of the history of orders and medals
Oregon Coin Clubs - Directory of clubs in Albany, Corvallis, Dallas, McMinnville, Salem, and Springfield
Oriental Numismatic Society - Founded in 1970 to foster interest in the study and collection of all series of oriental coinage, from North Africa and Muslim Spain to the Far East. Open to amateurs and professionals alike
Original Hobo Nickel Society - Formed at the 1992 ANA Summer Conference in Colorado Springs, after Bill Fivaz presented a slide show on hobo nickels.
Oshawa & District Coin Club - Meetings are held 2nd Sunday of each Month in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.
Oskaloosa Coin Club - Iowa club.
Oslo Numismatic Association -
Ottawa Numismatic Society - The Society meets every month, usually on the fourth Monday.
Ozarks Coin Club - Meets on 1st Tuesday of each month at the Discovery Center, Springfield, Missouri
Pacific Ancient Numismatists - Association of collectors dedicated to the advancement of Ancient Numismatists in the Pacific Northwest.
Pacific Coast Numismatic Society - As the oldest numismatic organization in the Western United States (1915), PCNS fosters a strong tradition of research and literary publication.
Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association - Regional organization for numismatists
Palm Beach Coin Club - Established 1960
Pasadena (TX) Coin Club - Meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. Founded 1961.
Pawcatuck Valley Coin Club - Meets every THIRD Wednesday of the month
Pee Dee Area Coin Club - South Carolina
Peninsula Coin Club - Second Monday of each month
Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists - Non-profit educational organization founded in 1978 consisting of individuals and coin clubs from throughout the Commonwealth
Pensacola Numismatic Society - Meets every 3rd Thursday of each month
Philippine Numismatic & Antiquarian Society - Founded in 1929 as the premiere numismatic and antiquarian society of the Philippines
Phoenix Coin Club - Established in 1944.
Polish American Numismatic Society - founded in November 1981
Polish Numismatic Society -
Prince Edward Island Numismatic Association - Meets third Monday of each month - excluding July and August. Founded 1964.
Professional Currency Dealers Association - Founded in 1985. It counts among its members over 100 of the world's leading specialists in currency, stocks and bonds, fiscal documents, and related paper items.
Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) - Nonprofit organization composed of the world's top rare coin and paper money experts.
Quad City Coin Club -
Raleigh Coin Club - Meets the second Thursday of every month. Each meeting is highlighted by an educational presentation, Show-N-Tell, refreshments, and time to socialize and talk coins.
Rappahannock Area Coin Club - Active in the Fredericksburg, VA area since its founding in 1990
Red River Valley Coin Club - 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the months September through April at 6:30 PM in the Moorhead Public Library, Moorhead, Minnesota.
Red Rose Coin Club - Meetings are on the 1st Monday and 3rd Thursday of each month in Lancaster, PA.
Redwood Empire Coin Club - Visit us every second Wednesday of every month at the Veterans Memorial Building in Santa Rosa, CA.
Regina Coin Club - Founded in 1953. Saskatchewan, Canada.
Reno Coin Club - Non-profit organization founded in 1984 to promote numismatics in the Reno-Sparks area and throughout Nevada.
Rochester Numismatic Association - Meets first and third Thursday of each month from September until June. Founded in 1912.
Rockdale Coin Club -
Rockford Area Coin Club - Meets every third Thursday. Meetings feature fellowship and monthly auctions, plus show-and-tell, a numismatic quiz, old and new business, a numismatic prize attendance drawing for all members and more.
Royal Canadian Numismatic Association - The national numismatic organization of Canada. A non-profit educational organization formed in 1950 and incorporated by Canada Charter in 1963.
Royal Numismatic Society - Founded in 1836 as the Numismatic Society of London. The Society is an academic body of charitable status concerned with research into all branches of numismatics. Its lectures and publications deal with classical, Asian, medieval and modern coins, paper money, tokens and medals.
Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand - Founded in 1931 to encourage and promote the study of numismatics and other related historical subjects.
Royal Oak Coin Club -
Russian Numismatic Society - Organized in 1978, is a non-profit group of collectors and students interested in the field of Russian numismatics
Sacramento Valley Coin Club - Meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month
Saint John Coin Club - Meets every third Tuesday of the month at Chateau Saint John, 369 Rockland Rd, Saint John, NB, At 7:00 pm, except for the summer months. Founded 1959.
Salina Coin Club - North Central Kansas, since 1949
San Diego County Inter-Club Numismatic Council - San Diego County Numismatists annual Coinarama at Scottish Rite Masonic Center 1895 Camino Del Rio South San Diego, California
San Jose Coin Club - Meets the second Wednesday of each month, with an auction and free refreshments at every general meeting. Visitors are always welcome.
Santa Maria Coin Club -
Scranton Coin Club - Pennsylvania
Seattle Numismatic Society - The SNS was founded in 2003 by the merger of the former Seattle Coin Club and the former University Coin Club. The SNS welcomes all numismatists � persons who study, collect, or deal with coins, paper money, tokens and medals.
Shenandoah Valley Coin Club - Since 1959
Sociedad Filatelica Y Numismatica Granadina -
Sociedade Numismatica Brasileira - Founded 1924.
Societe de Numismatique du Nord de la France - Founded 1925.
Society of Lincoln Cent Collectors - Ceased to function due to lack of membership support.
Society of Paper Money Collectors - Formed in 1961 and has over 1,750 members from around the world. Membership is open to anyone interested in paper money or related areas such as checks, stocks, engravings, and other fiscal ephemera.
Society of Silver Dollar Collectors - Premier collector organization dedicated to the study of Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar varieties.
Society of U.S. Pattern Collectors - Founded 1999.
Solano County (California) Coin Clubs - Joint site for the four active local coin clubs and organizations based in Solano County - Fairfield Coin Club, Northern California Numismatic Association (NCNA), Solano Silver Round Club, and the Vallejo Numismatic Society.
Solano Silver Round Club - Quarterly meetings: March ~ June ~ September ~ December
South Baldwin Numismatic Society - Meets at the at the Foley Public Library the second Tuesday of every month.
South Brevard Coin Club - We meet the first Wednesday of each month in Palm Bay, FL
South Carolina Numismatic Association -
South Hills Coin Club - Meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Bethel Park, PA
South King County Coin Club - Formed in November 2005 to serve the coin collecting community between Seattle and Tacoma
South Mississippi Numismatic Association - Facebook page.
South Mountain Relic and Coin Club - Maryland
South Shore Coin Club - Milwaukee area club, since 1963.
Southern California Chip Collectors Club - Founded in 1989. Meets 3rd Tuesday each month at Hollywood Park Casino.
St. Louis Numismatic Association - Regular club meetings are held on the first Friday of the month.
St. Maries Coin Club - Meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in California, MD.
Stanislaus County Coin Club - Meets 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm in Modesto
Stephen James Central Savannah River Area Coin Club - Meets once a month at the Aiken County Library.
Swedish Numismatic Society - Founded in 1873. The society is dedicated to support all kinds of numismatic research and quality numismatic publications.
Tacoma-Lakewood Coin Club - Serving the South Puget Sound region
Tallahassee Numismatic Club - established in 2010. We meet 4th Tuesday of every month at Governor Square Mall.
Tampa Bay Coin Club - Meets 2nd Thursday Monthly
Tasmanian Numismatic Society - Formed in 1963 to enable coin, medal and paper money collectors in Tasmania
Tennessee State Numismatic Society - To promote, extend and protect numismatic activity throughout the state
Texas Numismatic Association - Founded in 1960 to promote and advance interest and comprehensive knowledge of numismatics
TEC - The Elongated Collectors - Encourage the study, acquisition, and exhibition of elongates and related items
Tidewater Coin Club - Non-profit organization dedicated to the numismatic needs of collectors in the Tidewater Virginia area . Since 1956.
Titusville Coin Club - Florida
Token Corresponding Society -
Tokens and Medal Society (TAMS) - Educational and non-profit organization devoted to furthering the exonumia field consisting of all forms of tokens, medals, badges and other items of a related nature.
Treasure Coast Coin Club - Vero Beach, FL, since 1964.
Trenton Numismatic Club -
Tri-County Coin Club -
Tri-Lakes Coin Club - Meets on the third Tuesday of each month, Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Troyak Polish-Canadian Coin and Stamp Club - Education, collecting and preservation of coins, paper money, stamps, orders and medals of Poland�s history.
Tucson Coin Club - The Club meets every 2nd (Business Meeting) and 4th Tuesday (Education Meeting) of every month from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
Tyler Coin Club - Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday night of each month.
U.S. Mexican Numismatic Association - Formed During the May 1997 International Numismatic Convention held in Mexico City
Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society - Seeks to unite all collectors of Ukrainian materials and is particularly dedicated to the promotion of Ukrainian stamp, coin, and medal collecting.
Utah Numismatic Society - meetings are the second Tuesday of every month (except July & December) in South Salt Lake City, Utah.
Vallejo Numismatic Society - First Wednesday of each month
Vancouver Ancient Coin Club - Provides those interested in ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine or Medieval coins with an opportunity to discuss and learn more about ancient numismatics.
Vancouver Numismatic Society - Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Founded in July 1955
Verdugo Hills Coin Club - Meets the second Monday of every month in Montrose, CA. Established 1964.
Victoria Numismatic Society - Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Founded in July 1955.
Numismatic Association of Victoria - Founded in 1946, based in Melbourne, Australia.
Virginia Numismatic Association - VNA has grown since its beginnings in 1959 to become one of the largest state organizations in the United States serving our hobby
Wabash Valley Coin Club - Terre Haute, Indiana. Devoted to the study and promotion of numismatics and numismatic knowledge in general. Since 1956.
Warrenton Stamp & Coin Club - Formed in 1996. Meets the first Thursday of each month,
Warrensville Heights Coin Club - Meets on the second Wednesday of every month.
Waterloo/Cedar Falls Coin Club - Meets every second Tuesday of each month
Waukesha Coin Club - promotion of the hobby of numismatics, including coins, currency, tokens, and other exonomia.
Wayne Coin Club - Meeting starts at 7:30 pm on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of Month. No Meetings in July and August
West Chester (Pennsylvania) Coin Club - Monthly meetings (3rd Monday), with educational and interesting programs and auctions. Founded 1962
West Georgia Coin Club -
West Michigan Coin Clubs - Joint site of four clubs: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Ludinton, and Muskegon.
The West Penn Coin Club - Founded in 1961. Membership meetings once a month, and hosts two coin shows each year.
Western Maryland Coin Club - Bringing Coins and Collectors Together since 1938.
Western Pennsylvania Numismatic Society - One of the oldest numismatic societies in the United States, WPNS was founded in Pittsburgh in 1878.
Western Slope Coin Club - Monthly Meeting is Second Wednesday each month
Wichita Falls Coin Club -
Wilkes Barre Coin Club - Pennsylvania
Will County Coin Club - Founded in 1959.
Willamette Coin Club - Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month. founded in 1986.
Wilmington (DE) Coin Club - Dedicated to promoting interest in and enjoyment of the collection and study of coins, paper currency, tokens and medals
Winchester Coin Club - Join us on the 2nd Monday of each month. Winchester, Virginia.
Numismatists of Wisconsin - Serves the collecting community across the state, since 1960
Wisconsin Valley Coin Club -
Women In Numismatics - Meeta 3-4 times a year, in conjunction with the major coin shows being held in various parts of the United States, conducting both a business meeting and an educational session
Worcester County Numismatic Society - Serving Central Massachusetts since 1946. Meets 2nd Fridays except July and August.
Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club - Internet gathering place for collectors interested in Bi-Metallic and Tri-metallic Coins, Medals, Tokens, Encased Coins, Ecus and Euros. Founded 1996.
Wyoming Valley Coin Club - Pennsylvania
York Coin Club - Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month beginning at 7 p.m

Coin Shows
Battlefield Coin Shows - Promotes a show three times a year in New Market, Maryland and once a year in Gettysburg, PA
Bay State Coin Show - New England's Largest Coin Show
Bloomsbury Coin Fair - Held 6 times a year in central London at the Royal National Hotel, Bloomsbury.
CK Shows - SoCal Coin and Currency Show. Las Vegas Numismatic Society Coin Show
Camelback Collectables Coin Show - Largest monthly coin show in the Phoenix area.
Coin and Collectible Fair - Mount Kisco, New York
Coin and Medal Fairs - The London Coin Fair and The Midland Coin Fair
Coinarama - San Diego Coin Show
Dearborn Michigan Coin & Currency Show - San Diego Coin Show
Devens Monthly Coin Show
Florida Gulf Coast Coin Shows - New Port Richey, Florida.
Florida United Numismatists Coin Show - Annual January show
Greater Atlanta Coin Shows - Monthly coin shows
Long Beach Expo - U.S. & World Coin and Paper Money, Stamp, Sport Card, Antique, and Collectible Booths
Michiana Coin & Currency Show - Show is presented 4 times a year in South Bend, Indiana.
MidAmerica Coin & Currency Show - 2 times a year at the TinleyPark Convention Center, Tinley Park, IL.
Montreal Coin and Stamp Show - Largest Coin and Stamp Show in Canada
National and World Paper Money Convention - Annual show and auction sponsored by Professional Currency Dealers Association
New Hampshire Coin and Currency Expo - 100+ Tables - Coins, Currency, Exonumia, Supplies, Exhibits, Educational Seminars, and Club Meetings
New York International Numismatic Convention - The United States most prestigious numismatic event targeting the needs of the world and ancient numismatic communities.
NorCal Coin Shows - Shows in Santa Clara/Sunnyvale and East Bay/Concord
Pacific Expos - High quality coin shows since 2000. Buena Park Coin Show which is held bi-annually and also now hosts the North County Monthly Coin Show each month in Anaheim.
Peotone Coin & Currency Show - 4 times a year at the Will County Fairgrounds, Peotone, IL.
Torex Canadian Coin Show - Canada's most popular collectors' show (since 1962) held three times annually in downtown Toronto
West Suburban Coin Show - Chicago's Largest Monthly Show
Westford Monthly Coin Show is now Devens Monthly Coin Show
Greater Worcester Coin Show - Over 20 Years in Auburn Massachusetts (Usually held on the 2nd Sunday of every month.
Whitman Coin & Collectibles Conventions - Atlanta Expos are held at the Cobb Galleria Centre in the fall. The Whitman Baltimore Coin and Currency Conventions are held at the Baltimore Convention Center in the spring, summer, and winter.

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