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C R Coins - Serving the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex
C Town Coins - US and World coins and currency
C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers - Upscale Houston Gold Buyer located in Willowbrook Mall and First Colony Mall. No one in the great state of Texas will pay you more and with class.
C&C Coin and Stamp - Baseball and Sports Cards, Automated Auctions, Stamps, Coins, Jewelry, Collectibles, Gold, Silver, Bullion, Autographs, Memorabilia, Watches, Hummels, Postal Covers, U.S. and Foreign Currency, Ancient Coins, and Much Much More
C&D Gale Exonumia - Exonumia is related to numismatics, but is not U.S. coin collecting. We prefer to collect tokens and medals, for example, Hard Times and Civil War tokens or U.S. Mint medals.
C&G Investments - Coin, Bullion and Jewelry Dealer
CBM Store - In Coins, Banknotes & Militaria store you can find wide range of numismatic and militaria products
CE Collection Coin Gallery - Provides the utmost in quality world coins, especially Chinese pandas to our customers and are committed to your satisfaction.
CERA - Manufacturer of medals, badges, pins, and promotional items - Companie Générale de Bourse - Banknotes and coins of the world, featuring an excellent collection of images
CH Coins - Known for selling high quality coins, giving expert knowledge and great service for over 25 years.
CMI Gold & Silver - Site offers some of the best information available for the precious metals industry
CONECA - International numismatic organization devoted to the study and education of numismatic errors and varieties.
CSA Collectors Page - Currency Page | Coin Page | Bond Page | Stamp Page | Flag Page
CSA Notes - Many examples of Confederate notes available for purchase
Cal Gold Online - Discussion forums, articles, color pictures, chat room and the home of the Visual Guide to California Fractional Gold
Numismatic Society Of Calcutta - Encouraging the habit of collecting and studying old coins and Bank notes.
Calgary Coin Gallery - Ancient, medieval and modern coins and artifacts for all collector interests.
Calgary Numismatic Society - The objectives of the Calgary Numismatic Society (CNS) are: To stimulate the hobby of numismatics in general. To encourage the growth and interest in numismatics. To assist in educating interested people in numismatics.
California Numismatic Investments - Full service precious metals and rare coin dealership. Members of the Professional Numismatists Guild with 25 years experience in buying and selling gold, silver and platinum coins.
California State Numismatic Association - Serving Collectors of Coins, Medals & Currency since 1947
Calumet Numismatic Club - Oldest coin club in Indiana, since 1939
Camco Coin and Bullion - For more than 30 years, we have supplied dealers, collectors, and investors, the finest quality, with BUY-SELL pricing, for U.S. Rare coins and bullion.
Camelback Collectables Coin Show - Largest monthly coin show in the Phoenix area.
Cameo CC - Finest selection of certified cameo proof coins available.
CAMeos Authentication and Certification Service - Unique grading service
Camino Coin - With over 100 years in the collectibles business, the staff at Camino will be able to handle any of your bullion, collectible coin, and currency questions
Louis Campanara Hobby - Coins for sale
Campi Numismatic Index - Premier Francophone directory about coins and numismatics
Camptown Coin Store - one of the oldest coin stores in New Jersey. We are the strongest buyers in the area and give FREE WRITTEN APPRAISALS. Coins are our passion and we can also help you build a collection to pass down to loved ones.
Canada Currency Museum - Explore the evolution of money around the world and through the ages at the Currency Museum of the Bank of Canada. A fascinating variety of mediums of exchange including shells, teeth and cacao beans, as well as today's currency, tells us about the societies where they originated.
Canada Gold - Canada's leading Gold and Silver buyer and seller.
Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers - Non-profit association of professional numismatists organized in 1975
Canadian Association of Token Collectors - Provides detailed information on various aspects of token collecting, from early colonial, through the peak periods of merchant tokens, to modern trade dollars, and as much as possible in between.
Canadian Association of Wooden Money Collectors - National organization for Collectors of Canadian Wooden Money, Tokens, and Souvenir enthusiasts
Canadian Coin & Currency - Widely regarded as one of the leading dealers in precious metals, collector coins and paper money in Canada.
Canadian Coin Certification - Your alternative in Canadian Coin certification, specializes in Canadian decimal and tokens
Canadian Coin News - Canada's premier source of information about coins, notes and medals
Canadian Coin Reference Site - Access to important information which will help you discover if you are in the possession of a little treasure
Canadian Coins - Kanadische Munzen -
Canadian Coins Timeline - An attempt to bring various published sources together to present a timeline about Canadian coins
Canadian Errors and Varieties Numismatic Association - Organization of enthusiasts interested in errors and varieties found in Canadian numismatics [founded July 2006].
Canadian Numismatic Association - National numismatic organization of Canada, C.N.A. is a non-profit educational organization formed in 1950 and incorporated by Canada Charter in 1963.
Canadian Numismatic Bibliography Project - Canadian Numismatic Research Society project to compile a new Canadian numismatic bibliography which would be the most complete reference of its type yet published
Canadian Numismatic Publishing Institute -
Canadian Numismatic Research Society - Founded in 1963 by a group of respected Canadian numismatists who wished to stimulate public awareness and understanding of numismatics related to Canada, through the promotion of research and study, and the dissemination of knowledge
Canadian Paper Money and Chartered Bank Notes - From MJP Numismatics
Canadian Paper Money Errors - Informational site
Canadian Paper Money Society - Encourages and supports historical studies of banks and other paper money issuing authorities in Canada, to preserve their history and statistical records, and through research and publishing the results thereof, ensure that information, documents, and other evidence of Canada's financial development will be preserved.
Canadian Silver Saver - We focus on poured silver and gold along with featuring the craftsman behind the metals.
Canadian Tire Coupon Collectors Club - Produces quarterly journal reporting discoveries and information about varieties and issues
The Cape Mint [ subsidiary company of the Pagliari Group.] - Only fully operational privately owned coinage mint in Africa.
Capital City Coin Club - Organized in 1969.
Capital District Coin Dealer Association - Formed in 1967 by a group of dedicated coin and stamp dealers in the Capital District of Upstate, NY.
Capital Coin and Bullion - Austin, Texas.
Capital Plastics, Inc. - Manufactures hard plastic holders and displays for coins, medals, currency and cards
Capo's Coins - Philadelphia's Oldest Coin Dealer
Capped Bust Half Dollar - Information about the series of Capped Bust Half Dollars issued from 1807 to 1839. Details and values for some of the most sought after varieties, mintages, and specifications.
Capped Bust Quarter - Overview of the series of Capped Bust Quarters, struck at the United States Mint from 1815 to 1838. Details of some of the series highlights, along with specifications and mintages.
Captain Cash for Gold - Cash for platinum, gold coins, and jewelry. We buy gold at a high payout.
Carat Coin Collectibles - US Collectible Coins
Carl's Coins - Offers superb proof Jefferson Nickels and US Type Coins for sale. We also have cool photos and useful information.
Carlisle Development Software - Offers the most comprehensive family of collection software available!
Carolina Coins and Collectibles - We offer proof and mint sets, silver dollars, commemoratives, currency, and many state quarter products including mint bags, two roll sets, spoons, and first day coin covers
Carolina Gold and Silver - Specializes in US coins, Confederate currency, US and South Carolina paper currency.
Daniel Carr - Coins, medals, and tokens - the official web site for issues by sculptor Daniel Carr. Coin Designs
Carry All Canada - Huge selection of numismatic items from Canada, U.S.A. and most countries in the world. We also buy and sell gold and silver bullion.
Carsley Whetstone & Company - modern and estate jewellery, coins, fine art glass, antiques, or contemporary silver.
Carson City Coin Collectors of America - Official Web site of the Carson City Coin Collectors of America. A club devoted to increasing knowledge about the Carson City Mint and its coins and promoting camaraderie among "CC" coin enthusiasts.
King of Carson City - Carson City Dollars in original Government Holders with box and card
Cartamoneta Italiana - Site dedicated to the Italian paper currency
Michael I. Casper Rare Coin - Home of the world's finest PCGS Morgan dollar collection.
Carter Numismatics - Located in historic Tulsa, Oklahoma
Cash Coin Connection - Casino chips and tokens
cash4coins uk - Trusted by individuals, national charities, banks, businesses, schools and hospitals to exchange foreign coin.
Cash for Gold Exchange - The #1 volume gold buyer in Orange County (CA)
Cash for Gold Headquarters - We review Cash for gold companies and gold buyers all across Canada to provide potential sellers the best information possible on how to get the most money for their gold.
Cash 4 Old Gold - Melbourne's leading gold buyers
Cash In Your Coins - Step-by step guide to help you identify what you have, determine current value, and select the best way to sell, plus other need-to-know information, by Beth Deisher, former editor for Coin World, a weekly numismatic publication,
Casino Chips and Gaming Token Collectors Club - Only international organization devoted specifically to casino collectibles, since 1988
Casino Chips Collectors - Discussion group
Casino Rarities - Fine casino collectibles from Nevada, Atlantic City, and Cuba.
Casoro Jewelry Safes - Specializing in custom, luxury safes, your Casoro safe is tailored to your collection. "Security Never Looked So Good!"
Catawiki - Auctions
Cavendish Coins - independent supplier of Gold, Silver and Copper Bullion.
Cayón - Auction site, Madrid, Spain.
Cedar Rapids Coin Club - Non-profit, educational organization founded in 1939 for the purpose of educating people of all ages in and around Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Cellar Coin & Jewelry, Inc. - San Diego's neighborhood coin shop for over 25 years. We deal in US coins, currency, tokens, as well as foreign coins.
Celtic Coin Index -
Celtic Coins -
Celtic, Roman & Hammered coins - We buy and sell Celtic, Roman & Hammered coins together with 17th Century Tokens and other numismatic related items.
Centennial Auctions - Over 100 years of numismatic, philatelic and auction expertise
Centennial Precious Metals - Founded in 1973, one of the oldest and most prestigious gold dealers in the United States.
Central Florida Coin Club - Formed in 1955 as a not-for-profit organization, operating for educational purposes.
Central Jersey Rare Coins -
Central States Numismatic Society - Founded in 1939, CSNS operates in a 13-state Midwestern region
Central Virginia Coin - Coin Dealer and Estate Jewelry Store
Centro Numismatico Buenos Aires - NonprofitAssociation, founded in 1968 in Argentina, that comprises collectors of coins, banknotes, medals and tokens.
Certificate Collector -
Certified Coin Exchange - Electronic exchange for US certified rare coin dealers. Founded in 1990.
Certified Coins from Antwerp Diamonds -
Certified Collectors Society - Membership in the Society is open to anyone who enjoys collecting coins, trading cards, or comic books
Certified Enterprises -
Certified Finest - Carries a fine selection of Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Rare Coins, Rare US Currency, and other Numismatic Collectibles.
Certified Mint - Buys, sells, and trades all the popular forms of gold, silver, and platinum
Challenge Coinforce -
Challenge Coins - We design and manufacture custom military challenge coins and lapel pins with gold, silver, brass, soft enamel and cloisonne metal bases.
Challenge Coins by Pin People - Specializing in custom Military, Fire and Police Challenge Coins.
Chamberlain Coins and Collectibles LLC - Proudly serves the Northern Colorado area with over twenty years of experience in rare coins and precious metal.
Chameleon Coins - Wonderful selection of raw and certified rainbow toned coins.
Tom Chao's Paper Money Gallery - A personal collection of 1200+ world banknotes from 276 countries.
Chard - Leading UK coin and bullion dealer
Robert Charles Coins - Weekly Coin World Advertiser
Charles Leski Auctions - Since 1973
Charles Riley Coins and Medals - British hammered & milled coins, British and world (especially French) medallions. BNTA member
Charles W. Woodruff Rare Coins and Currency - U.S. Coins, primarily those prior to 1930, with a specialty in U.S. Half Dimes. A large inventory of U.S. Paper Money
Charlotte Rare Coins - Professional coin and currency dealers serving the Charlotte and Piedmont area since 2001.
Charlton Press - Canadian book publisher
Change du Pantheon -
Chattanooga Coin Club - Encourages and promotes interest in collecting coins, currency, tokens, medals and other numismatic items
Cheap Slab Store - Your on-line source for quality certified coins at reasonable prices!
Chelsea's Penny Page - List of elongated coins to trade
Chequers - The Home of Chips and Tokens on the Web
Chester’s Coins - buy, sell, trade and appraise rare coins, currency, and gold and silver bullion in Ames, Iowa.
Chi-Rho - Ancient Coin
Chicago Coin - Full service numismatic operation with over 70 years of combined experience
Chicago Coin Club - Founded in 1919 and has continued uninterrupted for over 75 years
Chief John Ross Numismatic Society - North Georgia coin club that was formed during the Silver boom in 1967.
Chiefa Coins -
Numismatica Chilena - Catalog of the Chilean Numismatist - Chinese Coins, Coin sets, and Medals Information (China Mint Year 1979 to the Present)
China Gold Coin -
China Lake Coins - Coins, Currency and Antiques
China Mint Coins - Featuring a wide selection of certified gold pandas, silver lunars, certificates of authenticity and OMP boxes.
China Numismatic Gallery -
China Numismatic Museum -
Chinese Coin Store - Features gold and silver Panda coins
Chinese Coins & Charms - A page from Vladimir Beljaev, Moscow, Russian Federation
Chinese coin and charm images - View the CHARMS by clicking on the plaques they are mounted
Chinese Numismatics in Hong Kong - History and developments of the currency in use in China from earliest times to the present day.
Chinese Numismatics in Research - attempt to trace the history and developments of the currency in use in China from earliest times to the present day.
Chinese Silver Sycee - major form of currency in Chinese history for a period of more than a thousand years.
The Chip Board - Message board
The Chip Connection - Site that services all of your casino chip and token collecting needs.
The Chip Gallery - Casino Memorabilia Collecting.
Chip Guide - Tokens by state and casino.
The Chip Man - specialize in California and Nevada chips
Chipco International - Casino chips
Chipman Coins - We carry U.S. Silver Proof Sets, First Day Covers, 50 State Quarter spoons plus silver and gold coins like American Gold Eagles, Krugerrands and Canadian Maple Leaf Gold coins.
Chippewa Valley Coin Club - Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Chopmarks & Philippines Counterstamped Coinage - Non comercial web about Chinese counterstamps (chopmarks) and Philippines counterstamps (F.7º, Y.II) on silver coins, mainly spanish 8 reales. Includes chop catalog with translation, coin photos, articles, ...
Christopher's Fine Jewelry and Rare Coins -
Chuck D'Ambra Coins is now Telesphere Numismatic
Chucks Coin & Estate Jewelry -
Chula Vista Coin Club - Meets at the Bonita Library located at 4375 Bonita Road Bonita, CA 91902
Chula Vista Coins - Brokers of rare coins, bullion and historic precious metals.
Citadel Coins - Retail shop located in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Since 1994.
City Coins - Cape Town, South Africa (since 1967)
The Civil War Token Society - National, non-profit organization, founded in 1967, publishes The Civil War Token Journal (quarterly)
Civil War Tokens - Images from University of Notre Dame
Civil War Tokens - Tokens, store cards, and books for sale
C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers - Upscale Houston Gold Buyer located in Willowbrook Mall and First Colony Mall. No one in the great state of Texas will pay you more and with class.
Guy Clark - Ancient Coins
Clark Smith, Numismatist - Specialist in World Gold Coins
Classic Head Half Eagle - Site dedicated to the classic head half eagles, issued from 1834 to 1838.
Classic Rarities - Coin Dealer Buffalo NY
Classical Coins - Offers the finest in ancient Greek coins, Roman coins, Byzantine coins and Persian coins. Authenticity and satisfaction guaranteed.
Classical & Medieval Numismatic Society - Non-profit educational society. Membership includes collectors, historians, students, in fact, anyone interested in ancient and medieval coinage and history.
Classical Numismatics Discussion Board -
Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. - Leading the World in Classical, Medieval, and British Numismatics Since 1975.
Clein's Rare Coins -
Clines - Definitive online source for Standing Liberty Quarters
Clint Cummins - Quantities Minted/Known of U.S. Coins, Peninsula Coin Club (Palo Alto, CA), US and Canadian coins for trade/sale and want lists.
Jim Coad Rare Coins - Albuquerque, NM Coin Dealer
Coast to Coast Coins - Respected rare coin company that offers a variety of U.S., foreign and ancient coins.
Coastal Coin Company - Family owned and operated coin shop in downtown Sarasota, FL
Cochran's Coins - Mail-Order business since 1953. Specialize in many types of Gold Coins
Coin & Stamp Shop - New Hampshire shop
Coin & Stamp Supply Central - Coin & stamp collecting supplies at up to 40% below retail value with same day order processing.
Coin Advisor -
Coin and Bullion Reserves - Buy, sell and trade rare coins, precious metals, and fine jewelry
Coin and Currency Institute - Representative for world mints,
The Coin & Stamp Shop - large inventory of Rare Coins and Stamps. Also, a Multiline, Discount Metal Detector Dealer anywhere
Coin Bazaar -
Coin Buyers International - International coin and banknote dealer since 1957 - based in Australia.
The Coin Cabinet - Atlantic Canada’s largest dealer in precious metals, collector coins and bank notes.
The Coin Cabinet - London based dealers and auctioneers in British and Worlds coins.
Coin Club - Your Numismatic Information Superhighway
Coin Club Auctions - at American Legion, Whitehall, PA.
Coin Collecting Boards -
Coin Connection of Maryland - CAC Coin Dealer Lou Chassagne
Coin Collection Wizard - Personal Coin Collection Tracking Software
Coin Collector Classifieds -Worldwide coins, site provided by MJP Numismatics.
Coin Collector Index - Brief list of sites
Coin Collecting Sheets - Excel spreadsheets for free download, containing the coins issued by the world states, arranged by date and catalog type.
Coin Collecting Supplies from SAFE - provides the numismatist a wide variety of coin display cases, coin albums, coin cases, coin holders, coin capsules, scales and coin accessories to protect your new and old coin.
Coin Community Forums - Our numismatic forums are dedicated to coin collecting around the world. The best coin collectors are the most educated collectors. We share information to improve the hobby for all.
Coin Counter - from AcuCount
Coin Crafters - Manufacturer of hand-crank penny press machine, which elongates penny into a souvenir. Creates quality reproductions of early 20th century arcade machines. Sells blank tokens for Standard Metal Typer machines.
Coin Dealer, Inc. - Buying and Selling Rare coins and Bullion. Appraisals of Coin Collections and Jewelry. Certified coins (NGC/PCGS)
Coin Dealer Directory UK - Dealers listed by area including: London, South West England, South East England, East of England, Midlands, North of England, Wales, and Scotland.
Coin Dealer Newsletter - Coin pricing information, since 1963
Coin Displays : Unique Displays For Coins - Our products are custom-made out of a variety of exotic woods from around the world. Designed to enhance your collection and give it a rich look.
Coin Doctor - Ask your coin questions
Coin Edge Coin Holders - unique line of products for coin collectors.
Coin Euphoria - Based in the greater Philadelphia area, we specialize in the photography and sale of classic US coins and toned coins.
Coin Exchange - Trusted dealer of coins, gold, silver, diamonds and more. Whether you are a collector, an investor or are looking to sell your coins or jewelry, Coin Exchange can help by making exchanges easy and informative while paying top dollar.
Coin Finders - Frequently changing inventory, including some rare gold coins
Coin Freek - Do you want to buy silver coins online ? We have kennedy silver dollars for sale and mercury silver dimes.
Coin Gallery - A coin site devoted to the collecting hobby. Always new coins listed weekly. World and U.S. coins.
Coin Gallery - World coins
Coin Index - variety of sections, from US to World Coins, Bullion-related precious metals, refining availability, certified coins, currency, leading-name coin supplies, stamps and supplies, both pre-owned and new jewelry, sterling silver, old pocket watches, novelties and much, much more.
Coin Invest Trust -
Coin Jewelry Store - Unique hand crafted coin jewelry cut from coins around the world and finished in Gold and Silver.
The Coin Hunter - Canadian based numismatic collectibles and exonumia dealer located in beautiful downtown Brockville Ontario
Coin Junction - Provides a selection of coins, notes, tokens, and other items for all types of collectors
Coin Kingdom - Located in Canaan, New Hampshire, as its only full time coin dealer and regularly attend both regional and major national coin shows.
The Coin Library - An online resource for information about numismatics. We provide some basic information for students and researchers interested in learning more about the subject. Numismatics in the News is a long-term project to collect, publish, and annotate interesting and useful articles from contemporary newspapers relating to numismatics of the United States, from colonial times to the present.
The Coin Lode - Specializing in Animal Coins
Coin Mall - Several dealers online
Coin Market Slang - Musings of an Idle Numismatist
Coin Mart - A United States Coin Reference Website
Coin Mart (Canada) - Quality Coins for Quality Collectors
Coin News - Monthly publication which covers all aspects of the coin trade and hobby.
Coin of the Month Club - Selling world coins and geography fun-fact cards.
Coin Optics - Quality Optics for the Serious Numismatist
Coin Organizer Deluxe - Complete program that allows coin collectors, hobbyists, dealers, and clubs to organize, catalog, and manage their collections on their PCs
The Coin Page provides images of coins, tokens, medals, elongateds, bullion products free of charge.
Coin Palace - offers authentic limited-edition, superior graded U.S. coins for sale to serious and casual numismatic collectors
Coin People Forum - A friendly numismatic community, discussion forum, virtual coin museum, popular coin idol competition.
Coin Purse - Oldest and largest coin store in Nashville
Coin Rarities Online - Leading buyer and seller of rare and historic early American coins and related items since 1979.
Coin Restoration Services - Restoring Coins For Collecting, Hobbies, Investments & Keepsakes
Coin Shark -
The Coin Shop - Online since 1994
Coin Shows - Worldwide directory of upcoming coin shows.
The Coin Site - One of the most comprehensive and unusual sites dealing with rare coins and paper money
Coin Study - Founding principal of CoinStudy is to present actionable information to help make knowledgeable decisions about old coins.
Coin Supply Express - The largest inventory of coin collecting supplies and books on the Planet! Over 3,000 coin products in-stock and ready to ship.
Coin Supply Planet - We carry one of the largest inventories of coin collecting supplies. Free Shipping on all orders over $50.
The Coin Supply Store - Serving your coin supply needs since 2002
Coin Swap UK - We have over 15,000 coins listed from 235 members curently and the site / community is growing fast
Coin Talk Numismatic Discussion Forum - Provides a web meeting place for the numismatic community. Featuring forum discussion groups and live chat.
Coin Terms - Glossary-Dictionary of Coin Collecting Terms and their meanings. Includes numismatic abbreviations, hobby resources, coin collector articles and news.
Coin Today - The Premier daily U.S. and world coin and numismatic news source online. Includes mint news, feature articles, coin auction news and results, bullion news, coin price guides and much more.
Coin Tracker - simple but powerful database program for coin collectors
Coin Pictures - Images of US coins, foreign coins, US Bank Notes and foreign Banknotes
Coin Trading Online - Buy and Sell all types of coins. Assisting the new coin collector as well as the seasoned veteran. Products for the coin hobbyist and the serious coin trader.
Coin Trading Post - Free forum to Buy, Sell Trade Coin / Tokens / Doubloons. No charges to List, Sell, Trade
Coin Trap - Coin collecting commentary on individual coins, coin designs, and coin values.
Coin Tubes of Nevada -
Coin Update - Site provides a round up of coin related news from around the internet.  The site tries to capture the most important or interesting coin related stories of the day.
Coin Varieties Club Website -
Coin Vault - Specialize in coins minted at the New Orleans Mint, including Morgan Silver Dollars and gold and silver type coins. We also have collectible .999 Silver Mardi Gras Doubloons, Proof Sets, Civil War Currency, treasure coins and old bank notes.
Coin Webstore - Online catalog
Coin World - A weekly publication with a very comprehensive WWW site.
Coinable Challenge Coins - Creating custom challenge coins since 2003
Coinage of Imperial Russia - Major types and varieties are presented - Coin and bullion melt value calculators for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Determine physical precious metals worth based on current or future market prices. - Repository of coins previously featured in major numismatic auctions
Coincat - Allows you to catalog your collection and search the database for coins to buy, sell or trade. - Coin, Banknotes and Stamp Collectors Catalogue-sites - Images and information about 20th century type coins as well as some 19th century ones. Links to coin prices and other helpful web sites.
Coincraft - A respected and well-established London dealer in British and World Coins, Ancients, Banknotes, Medallions and Antiquities.
Coineers Coin Club - Tecolote Rec Center, 4675 Tecolote Canyon Rd. San Diego, California on the 3rd Thursday of the month. - Platinum Gold Silver Chinese Panda & Lunar Coins - Offering Chinese Modern Coins including rare and hard to find proof coins and sets. Specialists in rare precious metal World coins. - Great opportunity to find excellent prices and bargains on unique pieces for your collection -
Coin Finders - - Melt value of US coinage - site where coin collectors show off their coins to other collectors - Online book, by Jim Halperin (Heritage) - Coin Dealer Information Site. Featuring dealers, shows, and acutions alphabetically and by state. - Specialises in buying and selling gold and silver bars and coins to private individuals as well as institutional investors, financial advisers and resellers. Located in London. - Offering a wide selection of US coins, supplies, books and merchandise to new and established collectors alike. Discounts, Specials and Giveaways are always a click away! - Online Information Center
CoinLink is now CoinWeek - -
Coinmac -
CoinNet - Provided by Information Networks, Inc. Founded in 1982 by Robert Sloat and based in Westport, CT. delivers the latest coin news and information in a unique and conversational manner. Enjoy quality discussions and a friendly atmosphere that serves and promotes coin collectors.
Coins, Banknotes and More - Lots of information about the collecting of coins and banknotes.
Coins and Banknotes of the British Mandate of Palestine - A brief history of Palestine and A Numismatic Chronology
Coins and Banknotes of Vietnam and French Indochina - Coins and paper money of Vietnam and French Indochina. Books. Links. Etc... I am buying coins and banknotes.
Coins and More - Family owned and operated business, who offers U.S. coins, coin supplies and books at reasonable prices
Coins Boutique - Official dealer of the most important worldwide mints and issuing authorities
Coins Club From Portugal - Coin collector selling duplicates and other coins from their collection.
Coins For Anything - Our goal is to provide the finest custom-made challenge coins on the market, as well as an inventory of unique, relevant designs for collectors. Visit our website to learn more.
Coins History - Old Coins and Ancient coins BlogSpot. Every day new coins published Coins with description and some historical remarks.
Coins International - Numismatic and Collecting Web Site
Coins Magazine - From Krause Publications
Coins Make Cents - Wide range of spectacular coins and currency in all grades.
Coins of America - Distributor of the 50 State Quarters for Coin Collecting
Coins of British India -
Coins of Chester County - Serving the Chester County region of Pennsylavania and the surrounding areas since 1959.
Coins of England and Great Britain - Series of pages dealing with the history of individual denominations used in England since the Norman Conquest.
Coins of CIS and Baltic countries - Modern Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Transnistria and others. Free online catalog.
Coins of Israel - Coins and banknotes - Online catalog of coins, tokens, medals, bills and coin-like or bill-like items from or associated with the Republic of Panama or the Canal Zone
Coins of the UK - Series of pages dealing with the history of individual denominations used in England since the Norman Conquest
Coins of the USA - Coin catalog
Coins of Syracuse - Scans of ancient Greek coins
Coins Paradise - Exchange, Sell, Buy coins and banknotes for free. Contact and be contacted by worldwide collectors.
Coins Since 1994 - Vancouver, WA
Coins USSR - Catalogue
Coins World - All the information you need on coins and collectables. Greek and foreign coins, bank notes, euro, stamps, medals and more!
Coins World - Catalogue of coins from all over the world
Coins World - Site for trading and selling coins and collectibles. - Coins from Monaco, San Marino and Vatican
CoinSafe Coin Holders - Large Selection of high quality innovative acrylic holders
CoinScape - Internet dealers in US, foreign, and ancient coins - The best place to lean about coin deals online.
COINSPlus - Spokane, Washington.
Coinstar - Coin counting machines - Everything collectible, coins, stamps, currency & more. Over 4,000+ specials added every month! - News and information about coin collecting 24/7, from David Lisot. - Marietta, Georgia, since 1963. - Online database that provides both numismatic and intrinsic coin values. Weoffer reliable real coin melt conversions and hand written stats on each and every coin in our database.
Coinwatch - Quality and exclusive timepieces incorporating authentic coins from around the world
Coinwell - Over two decades of professionalism and excellence in the field of coin and medallion design and production.
CoinWorks - leading dealer of quality, Australian Rare Coins, specialising in the era 1813 to 1964.
COLECCIONISTAS DE MONEDAS Y BILLETES - Collects and swap coins and banknotes of all the worls, with a focus on Mexico
Collateral Finance Corporation - Provides full service bullion and coin account management services to our clients.
Collect Plaza Auctions - Specialised in coins, medals, paper money, stamps, stock, bonds, cheques, documents and related documentation.
Collect With Me - Numismatic store for collectors of banknotes, coins, collectibles.
CollecTons - Our experience (over 25 years and online since 1999.) in Coins, Currency, Stamps, and other Collectibles has helped us put together a great mix of products for you to choose from. -
Collectible Coin and Currency -
Collectible Stocks and Bonds - Old and obsolete certificates from your favorite companies
Collecting Confederate Paper Money - Focused on Confederate Paper Money
The Collection - Gold and platinum medallions featuring great African people from around the world.
Collection Studio - Program which tracks your collection items such as stamps, coins, banknotes, posters, etc and shows the whole or partial collection with different points of view. Easy-to-use tools will help you to change information, share it with friends, allowing collection to grow... - Cataloging software
CollectiveCoin - Tool to track and share your coins with other collectors.
Collector Network - Your online information source about collecting. A great marketplace for dealers and collectors. Easy to sell and buy. Dealers can open online store in minutes.
Collector USA - Dale Williams
Collector's House - Hobby Displays
Collector's Society - Community where beginner and advanced collectors alike can learn more about their favorite hobby and have access to collector services in grading, education, products and other areas
Collector's Supply House - Canadian retailer of Stamp and Coin Collecting supplies
Collectors Corner - U.S. Coins and Currency
Collectors Society Slabs - NGC slabs that are marked "Collectors' Society" and other special slabs.
Collectors Unleashed - Browse, research, and explore the world of numismatics, antiques, vintage, memorabilia, coins, and collecting.
Collectors World - Retail shop based in Nottingham, UK, buying and selling coins, notes etc. Large and varied stock, ancient and Modern Coins, English and Foreign coins, English Banknotes,World paper money, Medals, and other collectables, - Wholesale prices and a comprehensive inventory of all U.S. Coins, World Coins, Ancients, Currency, Gold and Silver Bullion, Tokens, Colonials and even stamps and sports collectibles. - Extensive reference site
Collin County Coin Club - McKinney, Texas, since 1987
Colnect - Collectors from around the world enjoy Colnect in 38 languages. Colnect offers extensive collectibles catalogs, created in a wiki fashion by members of the community, which provide the base for personal collection management and easy matching for swaps.
Colombian Silver Cobs - Devoted to presenting a reference collection of Colombian Silver Cobs. These are hand hammered pieces of eight struck between 1622 and 1756 in the Spanish Colonial mints of Cartagena and Bogota, also known as Nuevo Reino.
Colombians Collections -
Colonial Acres Coins - Canada's best resource for collectors.
Colonial American Coins Infography -
The Colonial Coin Club -
Colonial Coin Collectors Club - The gathering place for collectors of United States Colonial coins
Colonial Coins - Department of Special Collections University of Notre Dame Libraries
Colonial Currency - A Project of the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment at the University of Notre Dame
Colorado Casino Chip Exchange - Your source for casino chips and tokens
Colorado Gold - Precious metal broker
Columbia Coin - US coins, Portland, Oregon.
Columbus Numismatic Society - Every 3rd. Wednesday of the month - 7 pm
Commercial Rare Coins & Precious Metals - Serving South Florida since 1977
Companie Générale de Bourse - Banknotes and coins of the world, featuring an excellent collection of images
A Companion to Rare Coin Collecting - Free webbook
Comprehensive Guide to United States Copper Coinage - A one stop information bank for all U.S. copper coins. The site will cover Colonials, Half Cents, Large Cents, Two-Cents, Indian Head Cents, Lincoln Cents, Civil War Tokens and others yet to be determined. The site will include die varieties, attribution numbers, repunched mint marks and doubled dies with images of each. We invite the coin community to help shape the site's layout and content.
Compro Oro - Italian gold buyer
Compro oro firenze - Buy and sell gold coins of all kinds, our experts will evaluate your gold immediately
Conder Tokens Collector's Club - Publishes a quarterly journal
Confederate Coin - State quarter board for 13 confederate states
Confederate Currency Page - Describes all Currency, Coins, Stamps, Bonds, and Flags made by the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War (1861 - 1865).
Congressional Medal of Honor Society - Highest award for valor in action against an enemy force which can be bestowed upon an individual serving in the Armed Services of the United States
Conneticut Coin Company - Custom products from Challenge Coins, Lapel Pins, Geo Coins, Key Chains, Belt Buckles, and much more
Colin Cooke Coins - worldwide reputation for accurate and conservatively graded English and foreign coins
Congressional Mint -
Copper Corner - dedicated to fine English and American coins and tokens
Copper Pennies - The U.S. copper penny is made of 95% copper and 5% zinc. This creates the unique ability to protect and invest your money simultaneously in both the copper and currency markets through investment grade copper pennies.
Copper Penny - Founded in 1975 to serve the collector community. We have provided continuous service to the collector community thought attendence at coin shows as well as producing hundreds of mail bid auctions. - Resource for all US copper coin collectors
Corpus Christi Coin and Currency - Site for the coin and currency collector with over 2000 images. Offering a large selection of coins and paper money in a wide range of grades and price ranges.
Jose Cortez's Web Page - Collector page, with a focus on Washington Double Die Quarters
Covina Coin and Jewelry - Leading retail supplier of coins, jewelry, and supplies in California, USA.
Crawford Coin Stamp Militaria - Serving the New Westminster area (British Columbia) since 1964. Buying and selling coins and paper money, gold and silver in almost any form, vintage and costume jewellery, and military and police related collectibles.
Crescent City Coin Club - Promoting Louisiana numismatics, since 1962.
Monedas Crettonna -
The Crime of 1873 - Lessons in monetary history
Crippa Numismatica - Italian site
Cristaux International - Promises extensive service in designing of your personalized awards as well as other forms of recognition, including challenge coins.
Crown Awards - Online retail company that sells a variety of trophies, medals, coins, and more.
Crutchfield's Currency - Price List of Confederate and Southern State Currency
Crystal Buy - Crystal Awards and Trophies, medals, glass and other memorabilia.
Clint Cummins - Quantities Minted/Known of U.S. Coins, Peninsula Coin Club (Palo Alto, CA), US and Canadian coins for trade/sale and want lists.
Cunningham Exonumia - widest selection of general exonumia in the areas of trade, Civil War, transportation and many other types of tokens,
Cupertino Coin Club - Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month, 7:30 PM, at the West Valley Presbyterian Church, 6191 Bollinger Ave, Cupertino.
Currencies of the World - Table of currencies used in many countries
Currency America - Exceptional Currency for the Discriminating Collector ...featuring rare BEP Special Issues and fancy serial numbers
Currency Den - A family of world currency collectors. Pages on Wartime Counterfeits, Printer's Test Notes, Hidden Images, Security Devices, Color Trial Notes, Central Banks Links, Currency Resources, Links, & 400+ Different World Bank Notes for Sale/Trade.
Currency Grading and Certification -
Currency Museum of the Bank of Canada - 100,000 items consisting of coins, tokens and paper money
Custom Emblems - Private company based in San Clemente California that has been making custom coins for over 30 years.
Custom Pins - Custom pins, jewelry and challenge coins.
Cybercoins - Complete Web site of coins, stamps and related hobbies.
Cyberguide to Casino Chips - Directory by state.
Czech Mint - minted all coins in circulation in the Czech Republic since the middle of 1993.

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