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Coin Sites Added 2007-to-now
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Sites Added in October, November, and December 2006
JMS Coins Toned Coin Store Italian Coins Reference Site Maundy Money New Zealand Silver Heidrun Hoehn Klassische Muenzen Daniel Carr Johannes Diller Dr. Eva Szaivert Franquinet Munzen Hardelt Muenzen Helmig Munzenhandlung Munzenhandlung Rittig Annette Schilke M�nzhandel Holger Siee Muenzen Bernd Steidl Muenzen und Medaillen Stollhoff Numis-Verand Peter Wechler My Coin Collecting Sterling & Currency Unit Coins

Sites Added in July, August, and September 2006
Collecting Confederate Paper Money Beautiful Coins Waldecker Muenzen Pacific Scientific Supplies Perakis Coins & Currency Rick Kay Rare Coins Shire Post Mint Certified Enterprises Coin Collecting Boards NumisMaster Yellow River Rare Coins Canadian Coins - Kanadische Munzen Coin Collection Wizard World Money Shop Baldwin's Catalogo di monete e numismatica italiana Foronum Gold Endures Goldmunzen Osterreich Liberty Nickel Collector Society Rare Coin Investments Seated Coinage Unigrade Coins X-COIN.COM Challenge Coin Association The Perfect Coin

Sites Added in June 2006
Collect Plaza Auctions Jim's Coins & Stamps Munthandel Ritmeester Modern Coin Mart Certified Coins from Antwerp Diamonds American Vecturist Association Cuban Numismatic Association Barber Coin Collectors Society Florida Token Society Original Hobo Nickel Society Tampa Bay Coin Club North Shore Numismatic Society Regina Coin Club The Coin Supply Store Ancient Numismatic Society of Washington, DC Seattle Numismatic Society Vancouver Numismatic Society Unrecognised States Numismatic Society The Australian Numismatic Society Bluegrass Coin Club Border Town Coin Club Greater Port Arthur Coin Club Old Capitol Coin Club Sacramento Valley Coin Club South Mountain Relic and Coin Club Tri-Lakes Coin Club Wabash Valley Coin Club Women In Numismatics Ottoman Coins Turkish Banknotes

Sites Added in May 2006
Dirty Old Coins ArteCode Software Collector's Society Paper Money Guaranty Tantalus Online Coin Registry Georgia Numismatic Association Corpus Christi Coin and Currency Encore Gold Brian Greer Rare Coins Executive Currency Doyle New York Auctions Casino Rarities Coin of the Month Club Coin Trading Online Colonial American Coins Infography Valley Coin Lighthouse Publications Medallic Hawaii Osborne Coinage Pennsylvania Currency World Class Medals Zarcoins Zlate Mince Numismatik American Coin Center Portuguese Coins The Collection Doudar Banknotes Medal Art Mint Polish Coins Rare Coins of Raleigh Vincent M. Vento Rare Coins Zyrus Press Pat's Ancient Coins & Banknotes Xander Ancients American Mint TyrusRex Casino Chip Brokerage Anglo Far-East Bullion Company Dave's Collectable Coin CollecTons eBay Store Classical Numismatics Discussion Board CoinSafe Coin Holders Token Publishing CSA Notes Carsley Whetstone & Company Central Virginia Coin Change du Pantheon Charles Leski Auctions China Gold Coin Mountain View Coins

Sites Added in April 2006
Beruto Numismatica Bonhams Auctioneers Budmart UK Butternut Company Ancient Caesar Ancient Coin Collectors Guild Ancient Greek Coins of Miletus Ancient Delights Anglo Saxon Coins Austrian Coins Lion Coins (Portugal) MA-Shops Coin Shark Internet Hobby Supply Barry Stuppler & Co.

Sites Added in January, February, and March 2006
Coin Buyers International Jhon E Cash Richard's Coin Exchange Omega Precious Metals Avenue Coins and Currency R.R.NVMMVS Portuguese Coins Antique Currency Directory Yahoo: USA Coin Group Transline Supply

Sites Added in 2005
Franks Dollars Coin People Forum Paramount Rare Coin Mexican Coins and More Renaissance Coin Rocky Mountain Coin My Coin Dealer Charles Riley Coins and Medals Nonvaleur Shop Coincat Waterloo/Cedar Falls Coin Club atOncer eStores Pressed Penny Greek & Roman Antiquities M. Cahill Company Coin Collecting Online Rare Coins of New Hampshire Allgood Coin UK Coins Treasure Hunting.TV Scott Semans World Coins Collection Studio Montreal Coin and Stamp Show Canadian Coin Certification Coin Community Forums Pete's Collectibles Florida Mint I.S. Wright Monetarium State Street Coins Status International Tibetan Coins Mansfield Mint Berghs Mynt The Old World Trader All Chips Ancients Coin Trading Post Banknote Bank Chinese Coin Store Cal Gold Online

Sites Added In October, November, and December 2004
Ray Komka Coins Monterey Company Numi Catalogue World Banknotes Mavin International La P�gina del coleccionista numism�tico WorldWide Coins Golden Eagle Coin Central Texas Coin and Currency Show Certificate Collector Warrens Coins Vella Coins DB Coins Mint Error News Virginia Numismatic Association Rappahannock Area Coin Club Tidewater Coin Club Oregon Coin Clubs Ozark Coin Club Pasadena Coin Club Ancient Coin Club of Chicago Boeing Employees Coin Club Capital District Coin Dealer Association Chattanooga Coin Club Chief John Ross Numismatic Society Conder Tokens Collector's Club Crescent City Coin Club Fostoria Coin Club Madison County Coin Club Mesa Coin Club Missouri Numismatic Society Northwest Detroit Coin Club Ohio State Numismatic Association Tacoma-Lakewood Coin Club Monedas de Venezuela

Sites Added In July, August, and September 2004
Numismatic Catalog of Venezuela Coin of the Month Club Carl's Coins KMM Coins and Currency RvO Numismatics American Precious Metal Exchange Pure Gold Coin Store All Portuguese Coins Border Gold Numisa Poker N Stuff La P�gina del coleccionista numism�tico Mark Feld Rare Coins Bezalel Coins M�nzen vom M�nzenfachhandel Whitman Publishing JK Coin Photography

Sites Added In April, May, and June 2004
Coins of America Ancient Coin Store Jencek's Ancient Coins Ancient Coin Market York Coins Carsley Whetstone VCoins Precious Metals International PQDollars Carl's Coins Star Grading Service La liste Riber Classical Coins OmniCoin World Coin Community Antique Currency llc William Litt Currency Premier Precious Metals James R Hatch Millers Coins and Currency Professional Coin Dealers Association U.S. Commission of Fine Arts Odyssey Marine Exploration Alberto Zecchi

Sites Added In January, February, and March 2004
Banknote Gallery Kellyco Detectors Diverse Equities KL Coin Tom Becker Online Noble Numismatics Coin Designs by David Carr CE Collection Coin Gallery Catalogo Numism�tico de Venezuela U.S. Rare Coin Investments

Sites Added In October, November, and December 2003
Barrage Islamic Coins Barrage Medieval Coins Lake Superior Coins The Maria Theresia Taler 1780 National Collector's Mint Free Coins Coins of Iceland Osborne Coinage Maison Palombo, Marseille JKM Munten Site Refco Coins and Rare Silver

Sites Added In July, August, and September 2003
NFC Coins Allthecoins Carolina Coins and Collectibles Variety Nickels INVESTGOLD The Coin Page Paul Rynearson Karl Stephens MintXpress Belarus Coins All Certified Coins Golden Eagle Enterprises

Sites Added In April, May, and June 2003
Old Vegas Chips Casino Rarities Luke's Chips Silver State Treasures Chips Off the Old Block
CCGTCC Chapters: Atlantic City Deep South Chips Florida New York Metro Southern California
Iowa Numismatic Association US Rare Coin Investments Indiana State Numismatic Association Ivy League Coins Collection Master Site of the Numismatist Rick's Coins

Sites Added In January, February, and March 2003
Rewill Coins & Paper Money R.R. NVMMVS The Finnish Numismatic Society Bona Tiele & Daventria Cedar Rapids Coin Club Abon Enterprises L&C Coins Lilly Coin and Stamp Menorah Coin Project Palm Beach Coin Club Roycehall's Coin Exchange Twenty First Century Grading Service World coins Polymer Bank Notes of the World Polymer Banknotes All Portuguese Coins Numismatica Diamantino Moedas Numismatica Portuguesa MTM Coins Hard Rock Casino Chips C&G Investments Thomas Fattorini Ltd. Central Bank of the Bahamas South Africa Gold Coin Exchange Gold Coins of the World Mevius Numisbooks International Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange Antique Numismatics

Sites Added In October, November, and December 2002 Athens Numismatic Museum Houston Numismatic Exchange Numismatic Conservation Services Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies Approche numismatique Numismatic Museum of Aruba Australasian Numismatic Dealer Association Banbury & District Numismatic Society Hellenic Numismatic Society Roman Numismatic Galleries Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society Benchmark Ventures Falcone Coins Merit Financial Ingrid O'Neil Salt City Coin Sanchez Currency Smith's Coins Gary Snover Currency Bowmans Coins Paul A. Brombal Coins Louis Campanara Hobby Coins and More Gold Coin Buyer D.J. Locker Coins Mike's Works and Words ACB Coins Barakat Gallery Bellport Galleries Capeway Coins Dalton Gold and Silver Finest Known Golden Eagle Coin Coinomania Doak's Coins and Currency Denver Stock Exchange Virtual Catalog of Roman Coins swissmint Brown Safe Manufacturing Muenz-Shop Anthony's Currency, Coins & Collectibles Euro Coins - Pattern/Official Euro Sets Freeman & Sear Southgate Coins Coin Talk Numismatic Discussion Forum Numisma Mynthandel Scandinavian Auction Systems

Sites Added In July, August, and September 2002
Cedar Rapids Coin Club Tom Chao's Paper Money Gallery Ancient Coin Club of Los Angeles Northern Nevada Coin City Coins Blue Moon Coins Coins USSR DDR Münzen Lindner-Falzlos Marcel's Coin Collection Money and Coins Online Museum of Persian Currency & Coins World of Hobbies: Banknotes/Coins BLU-TAB Mexican Coins Colonial Coin Collectors Club Hillside Coin Club New England Numismatic Association Rochester Numismatic Association South Hills Coin Club Latter Investments Empire Coins Small Cents II A.ABM Charlton Press Emporium Hamburg Michael Heinrich Tobias Honscha Kurzbach Coins MDM Online Moneta Romana M�nzen Borchert Notaphilie Dresden numicano Harald Siewert Gorney and Mosch Littleton Coin Supplies Montauban Numismatique Numismatik Kimmich Numismatik Lanz M�nchen Numismatik Online Soci�t� de Numismatique du Nord de la France Kurt Scheuerer Numismatik Canadian Numismatic Bibliography Project Richard Reed World Paper Money Where's George Where's Willy Asset Strategies International International Bank Note Society Lincoln Coin Club U.S. Mexican Numismatic Association National Trust for Historic Preservation Congressional Medal of Honor Society Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta Michigan State Numismatic Society National Token Collectors Association North Carolina Numismatic Association Original Hobo Nickel Society Pensacola Numismatic Association Royal Numismatic Society Chippewa Valley Coin Club Coin Craft Early American Auctions El Mundo de la Moneda Estate Wholesalers Garden State Numismatic Association Gold Rarities Gallery Graded Currency Greater Houston Coin Club Greater Jacksonville Coin Club Hudson Rare Coins Jencius Coins George Frederick Kolbe Lone Star Mint McQueeney Coins Mexican Coin Company Mietens Millers Mint Naples Bank Note Company National Collector's Mint NostoMania Fred Weinberg Pam West British Banknotes Frank Robinson Sam Sloat Coins Rich Schemmer Error Coins Richard Schimmer Southern Coin Investments Anthony J. Swiatek Vidiforms Abbott's Albuquerque Coin Club Alexandria Coin Club American Medallic Sculpture Association All American Coin Antique Carta British Association of Numismatic Societies Camco Coin and Bullion Coin and Currency Institute Coin Index Colonial Acres Coins Euro Bill Tracker Jeffrey Hoare Auctions Roxbury's Auctions Whyte's Auctions New Zealand Mint

Sites Added In April, May, and June 2002 Coin Auctions Samlerhuset AS Money - Das Geld der Welt Deuceman Currency Sheridan's Coins Euro Coins Coins and Banknotes Gold Coin Guide Silver Coin Guide JEMSOnline New Orleans Rare Coins Lyn Knight Currency Euro Trading Site/ Ron Swiney Coins Pacific Coast Numismatic Society Danny Best Coins/ Big Bear's World of Collectibles Zbierajmy Monety (Coins from Poland) Malibu Coin

Sites Added In January, February, and March 2002
iUpTown Coins Sarasota Rare Coin Gallery Gold $20 Saint Gaudens Scottish Banknotes and Coins Old Time Wooden Nickel Co. Beausoleils's Coins Monetary Authority of Singapore Marco Polo Precious Metals Tebo Coin Company Broward County Coins Rediscovering Gold Rural Citizen Gold and Silver Exchange Security Gold Exchange CoinResource Robert Reed World Coins Don Bailey Numismatic Services Original Hobo Nickel Society Canadian Bank Note Company Croatian Mint Mint of Finland India Government Mint Gold Reef City Mint Marshall Mint Lombardo Mint Nevada Coin Minting Northwest Territorial Mint Patrick Mint Perth Mint Regency Mint Roger Williams Mint Silver Creek Mint Sunshine Minting Mint Kremnica Turkish State Mint West Chester Coin Club (Pennsylvania) United States Small Size Dollar Coins STM-GMM ScrapBook Michael I. Casper Rare Coin Larry Whitlow Ltd. Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies Oriental Numismatic Society Oslo Numismatic Association Japanese Numismatic Dealers Association Russian Coin World Japanese Mint Bureau Kanawha Coin All Portuguese Coins

Sites Added In December 2001 Penguin Coins

Sites Added In November 2001 Naples Bank Note Company Fisch Instruments Pages Coins and Currency Mike's Coins Adamaney Numismatica - Dario Ferro Edelshop Dutch Coins FTC Alert - Investing in Rare Coins ASOCIACI�N NUMISM�TICA ESPA�OLA Moedas do Brasil Cay�n DPL Numism�tica Dafyn s.a. Marti Hervera Monedas Y Sellos Jes�s Vico S.A. LPS Money Monesoft Numism�tica Mag�n Numism�tica Portuguesas Numism�tica Rovira Numism�tica Saetabis Pliego Prospect Stamps and Coins Moneda y Numism�tica en Puerto Rico Schou Web Coins Sis� Difusiones s.a. SOCIEDAD FILAT�LICA Y NUMISM�TICA GRANADINA Vives de la Cortada AFPN Coins Altoona Exchange Amos Advantage Program Armsco Wooden Nickels and Plastic Tokens Department for Numismatics and Monetary History TEC: The Elongated Collectors Elongates Discussion Group Error World Eurolink Penny Pressers Grunal Moneta Halbedel M�NZEN & MEDAILLEN Jefferson Coin Shop Julie's Elongated Coins Long Penny Mercantile Maxwell Medals Megapenny Project North American Mint PC Coins The Penny Atlas Penny Design Gallery My Penny Roller Pressed Coins at Disneyland Pressed Penny Collectors Robert's Penny Page Sandy's Elongated Coin Site Smashed Pennies Bank of Thailand The Token Factory Van Brook Tokens

Sites Added In October 2001 Better Coins Brent-Krueger Group Bryn Mawr Rare Coins CAMeos Authentication and Certification Service Cherrypicker's Paradise Coin Varieties Club Website Coinwatch Czech Mint Hasfam Coin and Currency Links Royal Norwegian Mint Republic Jewelry Silenos Coins & Antiquities Virtual Coin Collection Miami Coins Manufacturing Patriot Trading Group Fast Pack Shipping Supplies H.I.P. Pocket Change Ancient Antiques Austrian National Bank Numismatic Dimensions National Bank of Romania Trove Software World Error Coins Vladimir World Coins Ray Marrello Currency Georgia Obsolete Currency Deuceman Currency Reinhard Tieste Dominion of Canada Banknotes Collector USA 3 Cent Nickel A Coin Exchange Columbia Coin HCC Hallock Coin Jewelry Hauser Coin ITM Trading Lake State Rare Coin Louisville Numismatic Exchange North Carolina Currency Collection Numis International Perlin Coins Australian Commonwealth Coinage U.S. Tangible Investment Imperial Coin Shop Lion Coins Michael's Exonumia South Carolina Tokens Token Bob Alder Gold Delaware Depository Services Liberty Coin Service Medallic Art Company Montana Marketplace Trinity Precious Metals U.S. Bullion Exchange Universal Coin and Bullion Allen G. Berman Numismatics Carter Numismatics JGM Numismatics Numismatics Hungary RBA Numismatics Reserve Bank of Fiji Numismatics Rudnik Numismatics World Numismatics Aeratus Ancient Coins All American Rare Coin Ancient Imports Antiquanova Coin Purse Grey Sun Trader Walter Holt Ancients Bruce Lorich New World Treasures Numismatic Rarities Pegasi Numismatics Online Simmons Gallery Roger Williams Mint Wood Coins Quarter Book Confederate Coin State Quarter Display Map Mint State Coins Accu-Rate Rare Coin A.R. Akin Rare Coins Ancient Numismatics Tom Becker Online CoinSafe Coin Holders Charles Davis Numismatic Lietrature Dei Gratia Coins East Coast Coin First Coin Auctions Gold and Silver Standards Jack Hunt Coin Broker Irvine Gold Mine Lynn Coins John Lynn Company Majestic Gold Coins Old Pueblo Coin Pocket Change Richard Stockley Books Southwestern Gold Tucson Coin and Autograph Westdale Coins

Sites Added In September 2001
Bank of Canada Currency Museum Bank of Japan Currency Museum Casa de la Moneda Museum (Spain) Copper Corner Currency Museum of Tunisia FRB Kansas City Money Museum FRB San Francisco American Currency Exhibit Minnesota Money Museum Money Museum Myanmar Money Museum RBI (India) Money Museum Newfoundland Banking Institutions and Currency Online Museum of Persian Currency & Coins Canadian Coin News Carat Coin Collectibles Celtic Coin Index Clearwater Coin Club A Companion to Rare Coin Collecting The Coin Merchant Coin Palace Coin Tracker Coin Webstore Herakles Numismatics Hesse Galleries Indianapolis Coin Club International Coin and Stamp Island Stamp and Coin Jacksonville Coin Club Mayer's Mint Missouri Coin Mountain High Coin Nevada Coin Minting Rockford Area Coin Club The Royal Coin Cabinet Scan Coin Silver State Coin & Bullion Stamp and Coin Sweet Collectibles Texas Numismatic Association Torex Canadian Coin Show Uptown Sales Wolf and Twins Antiquities About Coin Collecting Albern Coins Allen's Coin, Currency, and Supplies British Museum: Coins and Medals Camelot Coins The Coin Shop Coins of the US Mints Columbus Numismatic Society Enterprise Coins God on Our Coins GoldenGrams Hafnia Coins Hamling Rare Coins Hanks and Associates Wayne Herndon Coins Iowa Stamp and Coin Lone Star Coins Keith Lloyd Ancients MPI Coin Medal Coins of Armenia Meteorite Stamps and Coins Phil W Coins RR Rare Coins Sedwick Coins Sun Fei Chinese Coins and Stamps Peter Strich Stamps and Coins Washington Tokens World Wide Coins Airedale Coins Tim Bauer Rare Coin Beast Coins Circulation Coins of the World Coins Magazine Colonial Coins Crippa Numismatica Fitzwilliam Museum - Coins and Medals Galata Coins Numismatica Globus Hess Divo Coins and Medals Hirsch Coin Indian Coins Irish Coinage J&J Coin Jerusalem Through Coins Coins of Jesus Frank Kovacs Ancients Kuenker Coin Manfred Olding Military Coins Neumann-Muenzen Noble Numismatics Olde Towne Coin Christophe Reimer Medals Ritter Muenzen Roman Coins and History Chris Rudd Celtic Coins Spink Online Swiss Coins Tietjen Auctionhouse Numismatica Varesi Vijayanagara Coins Virtual Catalog of Roman Coins Antique Gambling Chips Archie Black's Casino Chips Arkanasas Illegal Casino Chips Chip Guide Illegal Gambling Chips JP's Corner MQPROD's Casino Chips New York Chip Collectors Club Southern California Chip Collectors Club Vegas Chips Banknotes of Guinea Barry Boswell World Banknotes Belarus Paper Money Britsh American Bank Note Company Bruno's Paper Money Collection Central Bank of Egypt German Notgeld Iran Banknotes Colin Narbeth & Sons Notafilia Paper Money Numismatica del Ecuador Rosenblum Rare Coins Treasures of the Middle East and North Africa USARARE.COM Casino Chips Collectors The Chip Man The Chip Gallery Collector's Supply House Las Vegas Casino Chips Victorian Rare Coin British Art Medal Society Cunningham Exonumia Dick's Alaska Tokens F�d�ration Internationale de la M�daille Tokens and Medal Society (TAMS) Robert B. Lecce Numismatist Sammler Coin San Jose Coin Club Slovak Currency Society of U.S. Pattern Collectors Subway Stamp and Coin Swedish Numismatic Society MacGregor Numismatics Numismatic Assets Numismatic Enterprises PB Silver Park Avenue Rare Coins ProCoins Forvm Ancient Coins French and English Royal and Medieval Coins Gold Sovereigns Goldberg Coins International Coin and Currency KJC Coin King of Carson City Korea Minting Liberty Coins Chi-Rho Ancient Coin Chinese Numismatics in Research Chinese Silver Sycee Ancient Auction House Ryan's Ancient Coin Page Ancient Treasure British Coins Before the Florin Byzantium Ancient Coins El Dorado Discount Gold Copper Memories Colin Cooke Coins Atlantic Provinces Numismatic Association Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers Canadian Association of Token Collectors macuquina FideliTrade Canadian Association of Wooden Money Collectors Cochran's Coins CoinScape Dean Security Safe Delaware Valley Rare Coin Maximum Security Safes Ohio Coin Expo Scotsman Online Adelaide Exchange Ancient Antiques Atocha Treasure Company Bargain Coins Belleair Coins Cameo CC Casper Coin Certified Mint Chicago Coin Coin Dealer Directory UK Camco Coin Coin and Bullion Reserves Dave's Coin Denly's of Boston Hallenbeck Coins Gallery Riemer Certified Coins

Sites Added In July and August 2001
Rogers Rarities Executive Coin Sweet Collectibles RVCOINS Currency Den Tax Free Gold Robert Charles Coins Collectors Corner Brent Krueger Group Intercept Shield Colonial Acres Coins

Sites Added In April, May, and June 2001
Wexford Capital Management Bullion Coins Le site des Amis du Franc Hawaii State Numismatist Association About Coin Collecting The Royal Australian Mint WildWinds DataBank of Ancient Coins Space Coast Coin Supply Bullion Exchange

Sites Added In January, February, and March 2001
Tennessee State Numismatic Society R & M World Coins Historical Medals & Medallions Northwest Territorial Mint Antiquarian Numismatic Literature Byers Numismatic Corporation NumisVision The Bigbury Mint Phil-American Coins Inc. Silver Eagle Coin Company G.W.Coins VieilleFrance Web Certicate Collectibles Portugal Coins Russian Numismatic Society Haroon's Unidentified Coins Coins2currency

Sites Added In October, November, and December 2000
Numismatica Lavin Antiguedades All Portuguese Coins World Coins Explorer Goldenhance Alaska Mint Oxford Metals Royal Dutch Mint Civil War Tokens Coin Today George Manz Coins MGM M�nzgalerie M�nchen Handbook of Biblical Numismatics Casper Coin Astarte S.A.

Sites Added In July, August, and September 2000
Hansmunt Ancient Coins and Artifacts Reproductions J&J Coins Old Mint Coin & Bullion Rusty Pennies River City Coins & Jewelry Numismatica Lavin Antiguedades Odessa Numismatic Museum JEAN ELSEN s.a. WildWinds DataBank of Ancient Coins United States Coins Coin Webstore BullionDirect Crescent City Coin Club Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta Raleigh Coin Club Stanislaus County Coin Club Wake Forest Coins Coins and Banknotes of Vietnam and French Indochina Beverly Hills Coin Club Goldline A. G. & S. Gillis Ancient Coins & Antiquities Derzon Coins Colorado Gold State Quarter Keychains Coincraft - For the Collector

Sites Added In April, May, and June 2000
Kelly's Computer Shop & Coins Historia Numism�tica del Ecuador American Society of Check Collectors Cheap Slab Store Canadian Paper Money Errors World Internet Numismatic Society U.S. State Campi Numismatic Index Coins of Israel Chopmarks & Philippines Counterstamped Coinage The Numismatic Site Frisione - La Moneta Numismatica Forrest's Token Page Liberty Seated Collectors Club Collectors Society Covina Coin and Jewelry Hartville Coin and Jewelry Free State Quarters Contest Hoffman Mint

Sites Added In January, February, and March 2000
All Nations Coin and Stamp Bank of Israel Guidance Corporation Guidance Corporation Laurion Numismatic Press Coin Organizer Deluxe Kids' Money Treasure Island Stamps and Coins Glendale Coin Club Wayne Herndon Rare Coins Euro Collections International Skodje Leif Erikson Medallion

Sites Added In October, November, and December 1999
Comprehensive Guide to United States Copper Coinage Affordable Coins Julian M. Leidman Kelley's Coins Copper Memories Hartville Coin Florida United Numismatists Irish Coins and Banknotes Numismalink Shuichi Yamashita Coins Coins International D & F Coins San Jose Coin Club Cameo CC Auctions H. D. Rauch Dmitry Markov Coins & Medals Lanka Coin Page

Sites Added In July, August, and September 1999
Take Stock Aurista Coin Jewelry Classics Collector Network Prince Edward Island Numismatic Association Coins, Banknotes and More HARTBERGER - Holland coinholders APC Paper Collectables Nova Online Marion Coin Club Numus The Right Note Louisiana Coin Exchange FORVM Ancient Coins

Sites Added In April, May, June 1999
Mintmark Numismatics D&M Coins GOLDSHEET State Quarters Page Philippine Guerrilla Money Wilmington (DE) Coin Club Internet Encyclopedia of US Coins Chard Coins American Society of Check Collectors KIAC World Numismatics Czech Mint Bermuda Monetary Authority South African Mint State Quarters Program

Sites Added In March 1999
Ancient Gold Brooklyn Gallery Downies Westminster Coin & Jewelry. Ltd. Centennial Auctions H Gietl Verlag & Publikationservice Eder Online Exocoin Chicago Coin Company Aspen Coins The ULTIMATE Guide to EXONUMIA Links & Resources Anything Anywhere Money in North American History Nevada Casino Chips Bust Dime Trading Circle Various Paper Money Central Bank of Cyprus Banknotes Armenia Banknotes Educational Coin Company OANDA - The Currency $ite Scottish Banknotes Littleton Coin Company Polish State Mint Canadian Tire Coupon Collectors Club FRBSF American Currency Exhibit Papiergeld Physicists on the Money

Sites Added In February 1999
Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. Italian Coins Mount Vernon Numismatic Society Anthony's Currency, Coins & Collectibles Starchip Enterprises Cyberguide to Casino Chips Kelgory Coin & Currency Supply, Inc. Knight Coin MintMark Casino Chips and Gaming Token Collectors Club Colorado Casino Chip Exchange Amphora Coins Banco Central de la República Argentina Bank of England Banknotes Currency of the Republic of Lithuania Victor Gadoury Numismatique Muenzen-Ritter The Numismatic Bibliomania Society Odysseus Ancient Coins Swiss National Bank Trusted Traditions The Universal Currency Convertor Gallery of World Coins Hunterian Museum Gold Information Network Gold 'N Coin The Crime of 1873 Harter's Collectibles Illinois Numismatic Association Ingemar Wallin Mynthandel AB Old Coin Shop ORGANIZE! Your Coin Collection Paper Money WWW Directory The Parthian Empire The Penny Page Peninsula Coin Club Playle's Online Auction Royalty Coins Rust Rare Coin, Inc. Chelsea's Penny Page Coin Collector Index The Coin Library Coins of Syracuse Gatewest Coin Ltd. GreatScopes Mike R. Vosper Anti Family of Eagles Home Page Art McBride Rare Coins Collector's Assistant Ron Gillio Goldmasters Coins and Bullion Marc One Numismatics Ken Potter Numismatica Lago Maggiore PhiloNummis Rob's Coin Collection USAGOLD Copper Penny Jefferson Coin Shop Lee Certified Coin Louisiana Gold & Gems Monetarium Monex Pacific Atlantic Coin Long Beach Expo Jay Parrino's The Mint Northshore Numismatics Richard Hokanson Rare Coins Investments Delaware Valley Rare Coin International Precious Metals Air Tite Holders Alascoin American Gold Exchange Antiq Paper Ephemera X-change Any Bimetallism Canadian Coins Timeline AcuCount Coin Counter Colonial Currency Confederate Currency Page

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